Saturday, January 02, 2021

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Dime Western, November 1939

We get the year started off right with a crowded but effective cover for DIME WESTERN. I don't know the artist. Inside are some great authors--Walt Coburn, L.L. Foreman, Cliff Farrell, Harry F. Olmsted (writing as Bart Cassidy), and Robert E. Mahaffey--as well as some great story titles: "Gun Guide for Satan's Border Jumpers", "Blood Call of the Lawless", "Bullet-Heir of Lost Ranch", and "Champion of the Empty-Saddle Legion", among others. I love the titles in the Popular Publications Western pulps.


Unknown said...

It's fascinating to ponder what happened to the originals of all of the old pulp covers. Whether it be Mystery, SciFi, Westerns,Railroads, PopSci mag, they were routinely graced with some spectacular cover art.

There had to be thousands of pieces of art. Where did they all go?

I'm a new subscriber. Thanks for your blog, I really am enjoying it.

James Reasoner said...

I appreciate the kind words. It's always nice to know folks are enjoying the posts. Original paintings that were used for pulp covers still turn up in various places, and some people have put together very nice collections of them, but unfortunately, from what I've read a lot of the paintings were just thrown away by the publishers when they were finished with them.