Saturday, November 05, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Aces, November 1944

As I was saying a couple of weeks ago, stagecoach travel in the Old West must have been really dangerous, considering how many running gunfights they get into on the covers of Western pulps. Here's another example, this one painted by Ernest Chiriaka for WESTERN ACES. This issue has two stories by one of my favorite authors, J. Edward Leithead, one under his real name and one as by Wilson L. Covert, the pseudonym he used most often. Also in this issue are stories by veteran pulpsters Joseph Chadwick, Stephen Payne, Joe Archibald, David X. Manners, and Dupree Poe (writing as Roger Rhodes). I like the Ace Western pulps and always find them enjoyable.

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