Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Lariat Story, January 1950

I probably post too many covers from LARIAT STORY, but dang, I like the covers by Allen Anderson, including this one with another of his odd-looking horses, and the story titles. I really want to read "Blood-Guns of the Crazy Moon!", especially since it's by Les Savage Jr., one of the better pulp Western authors. Heck, I wouldn't mind writing a story called "Blood-Guns of the Crazy Moon!" Savage and Richard Wormser (a reprint under the John Starr house-name) are the only recognizable authors in this issue.


Adventuresfantastic said...

So write that story. You could have an entire anthology where all of the stories have that same title but each is a different genre. There's a western, a science fiction, a fantasy, a detective, a weird menace, maybe a jungle story. I would buy that anthology.

James Reasoner said...

That's an excellent idea, Keith. I'm not sure I should tackle any more anthologies, considering my track record of always taking longer to get them done than I anticipated (ROCKETS' RED GLARE will be out eventually, I swear), but I can see how a book like you're talking about would work. I'll have to think about that.

Ed McBride said...

Les Savage Jr. is one of my favorite writers, especially the noir westerns he wrote as Logan Stewart for Gold Medal in the 50s.