Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Mammoth Western, October 1946

Injury to a hat alert! At least, I assume that's a bullet hole in the brim of that cowboy's hat. Something caused it to fly off his head, anyway. And I'm not sure why he's shooting straight up into the air with one of his guns. Since we can't ask artist Robert Gibson Jones, I guess we'll never know.

Inside this issue of MAMMOTH WESTERN is a novella by William Hopson, an inconsistent author but usually good to very good. The rest of the fiction is provided by Ziff-Davis regulars Chester S. Geier, H.B. Hickey, and Berkley Livingston. I don't know where S.M. Tenneshaw and Alexander Blade were that month, probably busy over in AMAZING STORIES and FANTASTIC ADVENTURES.


Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Reasoner,
due to the fact that I'm interested in the career of the late William L. Hopson, trying to prepare a complete biblio of his novels, a very difficult task because he changed titles when he cannibalized his novelettes from the pulps into novels, would you be so kind to let me know the contents of his Northen Range (locations, name of characters, synopsis) of which you talked in your blog on february 2016?
Your help would be very precious for my quest.
Thanking you in adavance,
I'm yours truly,
Tiziano Agnelli

PS Naturally if you've other info about him I'd be glad if you let me know:

James Reasoner said...

I would have been happy to do this, but I don't actually own a copy of this pulp. I just have a scan of the cover. So I'm afraid I don't know anything about the story itself. Maybe if someone else reading this does have a copy, they'll pitch in with the info you're looking for.