Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: West, July 1947

This guy has quite a dilemma, but he seems to be handling it all right. And inside this issue of WEST you'll find a Zorro story by Johnston McCulley, a Whistling Waddy story by Donald Bayne Hobart (I've never read any of that series), and yarns by Harold Cruikshank, John A. Thompson, William O'Sullivan, and Jim Mayo, better known as Louis L'Amour.


Keith Souter said...

Trail of the Twisted Horseshoe! I love that title.

Keith Souter said...

In fact, just bought it from Amazon for £0.01!

Jim Griffin said...

And not one hair out of place, and not a sign of sweat. i=It's just like the women on soap operas who have brain surgery and emerge from it with their hair looking like they just came from the beauty parlor.