Friday, February 05, 2016

Now Available: Gun Lust - W.L. Fieldhouse

Shaddrock and Cougar are the West's deadliest bounty hunters. A Yankee sharpshooter and a Rebel officer put the war behind them and team up to track down some of the most dangerous outlaws west of the Mississippi. A ruthless railroad baron and a crazed colonel bent on creating a Confederate empire in the Southwest are just two of the threats faced by this unlikely duo in legendary author W.L. Fieldhouse's wild Western adventure GUN LUST. Packed with gritty action, it's a colorful, fast-paced tale sure to entertain Western fans! 

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Stephen Mertz said...

Fieldhouse writes a hard-edged, tall-tale western woven with dark humor. He's one of those writers with a distinctive voice that is very much his own, and it's great to see him back in print.