Sunday, February 21, 2016

Shaver Update

Here are a couple of comments that came in today on my Richard S. Shaver post from a few weeks ago. I thought I ought to bump them up here since some of you are interested in the subject.

My name is Taunora. My father was Roy Abrahams and he and my grandfather, Charles Marcoux were very into Richard Shaver. It is said my name comes from the Mantong alphabet. I have tried to figure out the meaning, but as you know Mr. Shaver was very difficult to understand. My father and grandfather are both gone now and so I have come to you all to see if you can help me.
I appreciate your help.
Thank you,
Here is a blog about my grandfather
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I am no longer needing help with the above request. I googled my father's name and my grandfather and found this at writer's net:

Glen.....I wasn't baiting you with that question about Shaver; just figured you knew of him. Here's some more info you might find interesting. I corresponded with both Shaver and Palmer on a regular basis during the 60s and still have the many handwritten letters from both. There is no similarity in the handwriting. Do you remember Richard's "Picture rocks?" They were slicings of agate, very thin, and, according to Richard, were pictographic recordings of the subterranean world of the Deros and Teros. I have two of them along with Richard's typed instructions for understanding them. He sent them to me not too long before he died.

Charlie Marcoux, the second name I mentioned, personally knew Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver and stated to me they were two distinct individuals. Charlie was my father-in-law. For most of his life, he was heavily involved in the Shaver Mystery. He had two complete sets of AMAZING MAGAZINE which contained all the Shaver stories. No one knows what ever happened to those priceless relics.

I used Shaver's MANTONG alphabet to compose my last daughter's name: Taunora. Translated, according to Shaver, it means "You are a creature with no negative aspects."

Yes, I read all his stories. The pictures of the Deros are burned into my gray matter...those hideous nightmares with noses that cascaded halfway down over their monstrous bellies. Tractor rays that pulled airliners out of the sky, giving us those unexplained crashes. They also were used to "kidnap" Shaver and many others needed for slaves in those caverns so deep within the earth. What a wondrous time the 40's were.

Thank you for your comments, Taunora. I'm always happy when my blog posts reach someone who has a personal connection to what I'm writing about.


jhegenbe said...

Boy, this certainly brings back memories.

Cap'n Bob said...

Coincidentally, I just started reading a book about Palmer and Shaver.

Keith West said...

I reviewed a book about Palmer and Shaver for Amazing Stories a few years ago & have another in my TBR pile. I need to get it out & read/review it.

Todd Mason said...

And if for any reason Ms. Taunora would like to see any back issues of the Palmer AMAZING STORIES with Shaver stories (as edited by Palmer, and apparently re-written by him at times), they are both posted online at various sites, such as, and available in the original pulp magazine format from various dealers. I gather she has some, at least, already...Palmer AMAZINGs are not the most expensive of pulps.