Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Uncanny Stories, April 1941

A short-lived pulp I don't know much about, but this issue featured two big names from the early days of science fiction, Ray Cummings and David H. Keller, plus a couple of authors I've heard of, but not read, Frederic Arnold Kummer and R. DeWitt Miller. The name that really jumps out of the TOC at me, though, is Wayne D. Overholser. I had no idea that Overholser ever wrote anything except Westerns. His story in this issue is "Meet My Brother--Mr. Ghost!" I'd be interested in reading it, although I doubt if I ever will.

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Unknown said...

Terence E. Hanley has an interesting blog post on the Goodman weird menace magazines at Tellers of Weird Tales. He includes this cover with the comment that Uncanny Stories "was the last of Martin Goodman's weird menace magazines, but it looks more like standard science fiction to me. Ray Cummings and David H. Keller were also writers for Weird Tales." In the same post he also runs some great weird menace covers from other Goodman titles like Uncanny Tales and Mystery Tales. Worth a look if you like the formualaic elements of weird menace covers!