Monday, October 12, 2015

Now Available: Weird Menace Volume 1

The Weird Menace pulps flourished for less than a decade, from the mid-1930s to the early '40s, but while they were popular, they delivered adventure, excitement, and spine-tingling thrills in quantities rarely seen before or since. Mad scientists, deranged henchmen, damsels in distress, and stalwart heroes raced through their pages in breathless, over-the-top, never-ending action. A good Weird Menace yarn really is just one damned thing after another. 

Rough Edges Press asked some of today's best authors of popular fiction to write Weird Menace stories, and they delivered. Settle back and let us spin a few yarns for you... 

But keep an eye out behind you. You never know when something might be sneaking up on you. 

Stories in this volume include: 
"Bodies for the Brain Butcher" by John C. Hocking 
"A Night on Madhouse Mountain" by Bill Crider 
"The Curse of the Monster Makers!" by Scott Dennis Parker 
"Farmhouse of the Dead" by Keith West 
"The Hideous Blood Ray" by Robert E. Vardeman 
"Blood Treasure for Satan's Buccaneers" by James Reasoner



Keith West said...

James, I hope you don't mind if I stole your words and included them in the announcement I posted on my blog a few minutes ago.

Charles Gramlich said...

oooh, this sounds awesome. Got to pick it up.

Todd Mason said...

And, you know, the shudders didn't really go away...S&S DETECTIVE STORY would run some shudder in its extremely eclectic mix, Men's Sweat magazines where in most ways at least their nephews, and such magazines as WEB TERROR and the revival of SHOCK were nothing but shudder digests...and BRUTARIAN was a more recent arguable descendent, among some other more explicit titles...