Sunday, September 06, 2015

Now Available: To Avenge a Ranger - James J. Griffin

A legendary lawman lies dead, cut down by a bushwhacker's bullet, and it's up to Texas Ranger Sean Kennedy to track down the killer and bring him to justice. But at every step in his search, Kennedy finds that the trail to the truth leads farther and farther into the past... 

TO AVENGE A RANGER is bestselling author James J. Griffin's most dramatic and shocking novel to date. Filled with action and the gritty historical authenticity for which he is known, TO AVENGE A RANGER is compelling reading, sure to please Griffin's legion of fans!

(And if I might add, without giving away too much, if you've ever read one of Jim Griffin's Texas Ranger novels, you really need to read this one!)

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Jim Griffin said...

Do I have to read it, James? Seriously, thanks for all your hard work on this one. As you said, it really is a must read.