Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Bloody Canaan - Peter Brandvold

Peter Brandvold's great character Gideon Hawk, the Rogue Lawman, returns in BLOODY CANAAN, the most recent entry in the series. In this novel Hawk, who has dedicated himself to ridding the West of evil-doers, just wants to hide out in the mountains of Idaho and rest up from a previous adventure, but one of his neighbors is gunned down, the man's cabin is burned, and his daughter is kidnapped by gunmen working for Quentin Burnett, who rules the nearby town of New Canaan with the proverbial iron fist. Burnett intends to make the young woman his wife, by force if necessary, but when Hawk finds out what's going on, he sets out to put a stop to it.

Unfortunately for Hawk, his mission is complicated by hallucinations caused by his own tragedy-haunted past and also the arrival of Saradee Jones, a beautiful blond outlaw whose trail has crossed his before. To say that Hawk has a love/hate relationship with Saradee would be putting it mildly, and sparks always fly between them in more ways than one.

As usual with Brandvold's books, BLOODY CANAAN is full of gritty, hardboiled action, with plenty of both gunplay and sex. Nobody writes this sort of hard-edged Western better than old Mean Pete his ownself. Gideon Hawk is one of my favorite characters, and this novel is a fine addition to the Rogue Lawman series.

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