Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Thrilling Detective, January 1947

The giant horseshoe on this Rudolph Belarski cover for THRILLING DETECTIVE looks like something from a 1950s Batman story with art by Dick Sprang. This pulp is notable for including both Carroll John Daly and Louis L'Amour among its contributors. Two incredibly popular authors from different eras that overlap here.


Stephen Mertz said...

The cover billing certainly is a stark examples of the vagaries of publishing and writing careers. That's a great Race Williams novella, BTW...which is why I included it in the new collection, RACE WILLIAMS' DOUBLE DATE & OTHER STORIES, which is availablefrom Black Dog Books.

Walker Martin said...

Raphael Desoto, the cover artist, once told me that art directors liked pretty girls and skeletons on the covers. This has both.

Anonymous said...

Just a correction: Payne, Contento & Miller's Crime, Mystery, and Gangster Fiction Magazine Index lists this issue as December !947. Also Dec. is clearly shown in the upper left hand corner.