Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Ace-High Magazine, March 1937

The Angry Redhead makes a return appearance on this vivid cover by Tom Lovell. This looks like a good issue, with stories by some of my favorites like Harry F. Olmsted, Walt Coburn, and Gunnison Steele. Popular Publications had not only some of the best covers on Western pulps, but some of the best titles, too. I mean, how can you not want to read "Legion of the Lost Frontier" or "The Derelict from Hell"?


Rick Robinson said...

Looks like "Redhead From Apache Junction".

Barry Traylor said...

At first I thought the cover was done by Baumhofer but my copy of Pulp Art Masters-Baumhofer says not. So I suspect it was done by Tom Lovell.

James Reasoner said...

Barry, I thought it was a Baumhofer cover, too. It still looks like his work to me, especially the cowboy. But the Fictionmags Index says Lovell, and I've been told that redheaded model was Lovell's wife. So it probably is his work.