Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Blazing Western, February 1947

I'm not sure the cover on this issue of BLAZING WESTERN makes much sense, but it's eye-catching, anyway, especially that logo, so I guess it did its job. I don't recognize the names of any of the authors inside. Some are known house-names, others appear only in this issue, and the rest showed up only in various pulps published by Trojan, so it's possible, even likely, that there's not a real name in the bunch. Not to mention the fact that the stories may well have been reprints from other Trojan Western pulps with the titles and by-lines changed. But hey, I'll bet some of them were entertaining anyway.

UPDATE: Thanks to Phil Stephensen-Payne, and to the late Glenn Lord for the original research, here's a rundown of the contents of this issue, complete with reprint history:

Blazing Western [v1 #1, February 1947] (Trojan Publishing Corporation, 15c, pulp)
 Details supplied by John Locke from Table of Contents.
 Reprint information supplied by Glenn Lord, via the REH Foundation.
 4 * James Desmond * A Hand in the Game ["Owlhoots of Ghost Creek", as by Larry Dunn] * ss
 from Spicy Western Stories 1-39
 17 * Walter Cook * The Devil in Doctor Dave [as by Clark Nelson] * nv
 from Speed Western Stories 2-44
 28 * Joseph A. Moore * Gulchers' Glory ["Sting of a Hornet", as by Jim North] * ss
 from Spicy Western Stories 9-40
 38 * Hal T. Evans * The Guns Hang High ["Six-Gun Nurse", as by Laurence Donovan #1] * ss
 from Spicy Western Stories 1-39
 48 * Hoot Crenshaw * Ruckus at Santa Fe ["Siren of Santa Fe", as by Jackson W. Thorne] * ss
 from Spicy Western Stories 1-39
 57 * Will Nichols * Strike Me Pink! * ar
 58 * Lloyd Nelson * Taps for a Terror ["Tonic for a Terror", as by Clem Carlson] * ss
 from Spicy Western Stories 1-39
 66 * Harvey Saunders * Rider Headed West ["You Can't Fight a Woman", as by E. Hoffmann Price] * ss
 from Spicy Western Stories 1-39
 78 * Wayne Hemingway * A Man to Have Around ["The Woman Nobody Knows", as by Roy Cutler] * ss
 from Spicy Western Stories 1-39

 95 * James Bennett * Redskin Weapons * ar

So there are two stories, minimum, by Laurence Donovan in this lone issue of BLAZING WESTERN, one under his name and one under his Larry Dunn pseudonym. Some of the others may be his work as well, and that's equally true of E. Hoffmann Price. What a tangled mess those Trojan Publications house-names and pseudonyms were!

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