Saturday, December 10, 2011

Music: Mutineer - Warren Zevon

I've never been much of one to play music while I'm writing, although every so often I'll get in the mood to do that. However, in my old studio I used to play a song or two when I'd finished my work for the day, sort of as a way of unwinding, I suppose. I had this song on a Warren Zevon CD and played it a lot as my end-of-the-day song. My other favorite was Herb Alpert's "Flamingo", off his SECOND WIND CD, but I couldn't find that on YouTube. So here's Warren, and if this doesn't mellow out what's left of your evening, I don't know what will.


Unknown said...

Zevon's a big favorite of mine. Great song.

Duane Spurlock said...

Saw Zevon several times in concert. Martha and I were watching his appearances on Letterman on YouTube just the other night. Miss him lots.