Sunday, August 12, 2007

World Fantasy Award Nominations

The nominations for this year's awards are starting to appear in various places, and both CROSS PLAINS UNIVERSE and RETRO PULP TALES have been nominated for Best Anthology. It's a first for me, having stories in books that have been nominated for such an award. My track record says that anything I'm involved with won't win anything, but Livia has both a Shamus Award and an American Mystery Award to her credit, so maybe the fact that she has a story in CROSS PLAINS UNIVERSE will help. (No slight intended to RETRO PULP TALES, also an outstanding anthology.)

Hearty congrats as well to Mark Finn, nominated for Special Award - Professional for his Robert E. Howard biography, BLOOD AND THUNDER, and Leo Grin, nominated for Special Award - Nonprofessional for his REH journal THE CIMMERIAN. I'll be rooting for both of these gentlemen.

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