Wednesday, August 08, 2007

High School Musical

Given our movie-viewing habits, you just knew that sooner or later we’d be watching HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Now we have, and I enjoyed it. As one of my daughters pointed out when I said I thought it was pretty good, “You know this was designed to appeal to 12-year-old girls, don’t you?” That’s certainly true, but as I’ve said on here before, I find something very admirable about a movie that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, and does it with style and professionalism. The young actors in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL are cute, the songs are really catchy, and the script, while pretty much unrelated to anything that really goes on in high school, is just funny enough to be entertaining. Somebody said that watching HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is a lot like reading ARCHIE comics. I can see that. (Although by and large, ARCHIE is better.)


Mystery Dawg said...


I agree. I do live this everyday with my 6 year old daughter. We are now in the coutdown to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 in 9 days. Where ever Bridget goes, we listen the CD from HSM....I want to know who is going to write the tie-in book(s)?


James Reasoner said...

There's a junior novelization of the movie by N.B. Grace (which sounds like a pseudonym or house-name to me but might not be), and original junior novels by Grace, Alice Alfonsi, and Catherine Hapka.