Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Saucy Detective, May 1937

What a bizarre cover on this issue of a short-lived pulp that seems to have had some connection with the Spicy line. Robert Leslie Bellem has a story in here, under the name Reeves L. Black. The only other author names I recognize are Lawrence Sternig, who became much better known as a literary agent, and Lars Anderson, really Thelma Ellis, author of the original Domino Lady stories. Others on hand are John Beck, Roger Orange, Gig Lockhart, Donald Hogarth, Cliff Everard, Pierre Monte, Peg Dougherty, and Mildred Walsh, some or all of whom may be pseudonyms or house-names. It's not every day you see a gorilla--or Bigfoot, I dunno--packing heat.


David Cranmer said...

The old cliche of they don't make them like that anymore comes to mind.

Spike said...

Looks more like an Amazing Stories cover.

Sai S said...

Ding Dong, the son of King Kong!

Anonymous said...

I’ve always been curious about this mag. It’s so strange — beyond a superficial similarity in subject matter, the cover art, typography and overall trade dress don’t really resemble the look of Trojan’s ‘Spicies’ at all. But in addition to the pseodonymous Bellem yarn in this issue, the index at Galactic Central says the issue has a Sally the Sleuth comic strip too and Spicy regular Lew Merrill has a story in the issue following as well. Clearly, there IS some kind of connection. I’d love to know the whole story. Surprised someone like Will Murray hasn’t researched it and written an article on it yet.

That Gunslinger Bigfoot cover sure is a hum-dinger, ain’t it! If Adventure House ever did a replica of this thing, I’d spring for it in a heartbeat.

- b.t.