Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Black Book Detective Magazine, May 1936

Now here's a pulp that actually does have a Norman Saunders cover, although I wouldn't say it's one of his best. Eye-catching, though. The only authors in this issue of BLACK BOOK DETECTIVE MAGAZINE who are familiar to me are Richard Sale and James P. Olsen. Some of the other names--George H. Michener, David Redstone, Ernest M. Poate, John Kobler, and Emmett B. Hargett--are just names. They all seem to have been fairly prolific pulpsters, though, so they must have had some talent.


Anonymous said...

Ernest M Poate was a British writer, who wrote as Arthur Mallory too.
His series detective was Dr. Thaddeus Bentiron.

Dr. Bentiron, late of Harvard 1879, kept a sanatorium in New York City and specialized in Sherlockian deductions.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Not just names.

John Kobler, who died at 90 in 2000, wrote the well regarded biography, CAPONE: THE LIFE AND WORLD OF AL CAPONE (1971), as well as biographies of Henry Luce, JOhn Barrymore, and Otto Kahn, plus ARDENT SPIRITS: THE RISE AND FALL OF PROHIBITION and several true crime books.

James Reasoner said...

Thanks for the information. Those Dr. Bentiron books sound interesting. Also, most of the pulpsters were gone by 2000, so I'm glad to hear that Kobler made it that long.

Todd Mason said...

The various inpulpations of BLACK BOOK were reasonably to rather impressive, issue by issue.