Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: 10-Story Detective Magazine, February 1946

Even though this issue of 10-STORY DETECTIVE MAGAZINE is cover-dated February 1946, that's the off-sale date, and since it was a bi-monthly, that means this issue actually hit the stands early in December 1945. And the cover by Ernest Chiriacka makes it clear this is a Christmas issue. The biggest names among the authors are Talmage Powell and Joe Archibald. Victor White is also on hand, writing under his Ralph Berard pseudonym, and Glenn Low has two stories in this issue, one under his name and one as Davisson Lough ("A Slay for Santa Claus", judging by the titles, the only Christmas story in the issue). Larry Sternig, who is best remembered as a literary agent, wrote a number of stories for the pulps as well, and one of them is in this issue. The other authors are all folks I've never heard of. Not that impressive sounding an issue, but that's the thing about the pulps: you never know. It might have been great.

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Walker Martin said...

Ah yes, this cover reminds us all that even crooks and criminals get into the Holiday spirit and celebrate Christmas!