Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Coming From Black Gat Books: You'll Get Yours - William Ard

A dark room...a warm woman...a cold knife... It begins at the end of the line with a killing. But it had started simply enough when press agent Archie St. George hires private investigator Barney Glines to retrieve some missing jewels stolen from his beautiful client, Kyle Shannon. Glines knows he's being set-up for something but he goes along with the exchange out of curiosity more than anything. That and Kyle Shannon. Turns out that the real jewels are a cache of nude photos of Miss Shannon, who is now being blackmailed. Soon Glines finds himself in a dead woman's room who's been shot with his own gun and the police are jumping to conclusions. It's beginning to look like whoever's behind the blackmail wants to make sure that Glines is the fall guy. Unless Glines can find him first.

I've actually reviewed the original edition of this fine private eye novel twice already on the blog, first back in 2006 and then a couple of years ago as a Forgotten Books post. I enjoyed it and am glad to see that Black Gat Books is making it available again. Good cover on the new edition, too.

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