Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Star Western, July 1940

I don't know about you, but I want to read the story that cover illustrates. It looks great! The line-up of authors in this issue of STAR WESTERN isn't as strong as some but still pretty good. Inside are stories by Harry F. Olmsted, W. Ryerson Johnson (billed on the cover as William Ryerson Johnson, which I don't recall seeing before), Stone Cody (Thomas Mount), John G. Pearsol, Dee Linford, Charles W. Tyler, and Kenneth Fowler. Great cover, good authors, and over-the-top story titles . . . Yep, that's a Popular Publications Western pulp.

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Anonymous said...

That title "Gun-Doctor for the Damned" intrigues me. I'm surpised that the Damned are allowed to have/keep guns, and even if so that they have acquired enough money to afford a doctor when the gun gets sick. Maybe in hell the gun doctors work pro bono?

Denny Lien