Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Short Stories, April 10, 1935

A striking "red sun" cover by H.C. Murphy on this issue of SHORT STORIES, and a great line-up of authors inside: L. Patrick Greene (a Major story), James B. Hendryx (a Halfaday Creek story), William Chamberlain, Frank Richardson Pierce, Bennett Foster, and Edward Parrish Ware. SHORT STORIES published every sort of adventure fiction and most of it was very good indeed.

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S. Craig Zahler said...

I've read about 20 L. Patrick Greene stories over the years. All but one short filler tale in Jungle Stories were good or very good. One of the most consistent adventure story writers for sure, and he has a good sense of humor and applies it without undercutting the drama like many of his peers.