Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Blue Book, August 1936

Yep, that's Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Carl Sandburg his own self appearing in a pulp magazine. Of course, BLUE BOOK wasn't really a typical pulp magazine, and not only because it reprinted a number of Sandburg's poems. This looks like a fine issue with an Arms and Men story by H. Bedford-Jones, part of a Kioga serial by William L. Chester, a Tiny David story by Robert R. Mill, and other stories by Leland Jamieson, Fulton Grant, Richard Howells Watkins, James Francis Dwyer, and others. It's generally hard to beat the line-up of authors in any issue of BLUE BOOK, and that's certainly true here. Plus a good Foreign Legion cover by Herbert Morton Stoops, who provided top-notch covers month after month.

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Walker Martin said...

It's funny how reading tastes change. Foreign Legion stories used to be very popular in the pulps. All the top titles ran series especially Adventure, Blue Book, Argosy, and Short Stories. Readers must of wondered why men would sign up for a 5 year hitch, paying pennies a day for hard labor or dangerous duty. But they did and the stories are often fascinating.