Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Short Stories, February 1953

This issue of WESTERN SHORT STORIES starts off with a Norman Saunders cover, and inside are stories by some of the top Western authors ever: Louis L'Amour (writing as Jim Mayo; this is one of the few L'Amour stories I remember seeing outside of a Thrilling Group pulp), Lewis B. Patten, John Jakes, Wayne D. Overholser, Ray Gaulden, Will C. Brown (the other writer from Cross Plains), William R. Cox, Joseph Payne Brennan, H.C. Wire, and more. This is one of the Stadium Publishing pulps, which are not that highly thought of, but it would be hard to beat that lineup for what was regarded as a salvage market.


Edwin McBride said...

I like that Saunders cover so much that I borrowed it for the American Westerns community background on Goodreads.

Samuel Wilson said...

Stadium definitely has to be the most underrated western line. I see those writer lineups and wonder whether they were inferior to Popular or Thrilling in any respect during the Fifties.

Morgan Holmes said...

One of Joseph Payne Brennan's last westerns before his switch to the macabre.