Saturday, October 08, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: The Rio Kid Western, October 1940

Yesterday I wrote about the lead novel in this issue of one of my favorite Western pulps. The paperback edition of THE COMSTOCK LODE doesn't include one of the features that made the original pulp interesting: with its historical settings and characters, each issue included several half-page vignettes scattered throughout the lead novel, each with a drawing of one of the historical characters and background on that person. In this issue, these mini-articles feature Brigham Young, Adolph Sutro, Mark Twain, and Al Sieber. Elsewhere in the issue are short stories by prolific Western pulpster Hapsburg Liebe and house-name John M. Easterly. THE RIO KID WESTERN is one of my favorite pulps. I've read probably three-fourths of the Rio Kid novels and enjoyed most of them.

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Edwin McBride said...

Thanks for the informative Tom Curry and Kid Rio Western posts. I've got one Kid Rio in my possession from November 1945. Starting on "Raiders of New Mexico" and once again digging that distinctive odor of old pulps.