Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: All-American Fiction, July-August 1938

What a cover by Rudolph Belarski. And what a line-up of authors: Max Brand, H. Bedford-Jones, Donald Barr Chidsey, Frank Richardson Pierce, Joel Townsley Rogers, Richard Sale, and James Francis Dwyer. That's an all-star issue of ALL-AMERICAN FICTION.


Walker Martin said...

ALL AMERICAN FICTION was a great experiment by Munsey and unfortunately it was a resounding flop. For 8 issues they really tried to put out a first class fiction magazine using the best authors. But the circulation figures did not support the effort. BLOOD n THUNDER magazine in a recent issue had an excellent article about ALL AMERICAN. Many of the recent issues are available from the Murania Press website or If you like the pulps, I recommend that you buy BnT.

Sean McLachlan said...

Donald Barr Chidsey is one of my favorites from that time. Interesting that All American Fiction went against the grain by having "All stories complete" instead of stringing readers along with serials. Judging from Walker's comment, it looked like that didn't work out too well!