Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Now Available for Pre-Order: Blaze! The Christmas Journey - Stephen Mertz

Husband-and-wife gunfighters J.D. and Kate Blaze are just about the unlikeliest Santa Claus and Santa’s helper that the Old West has ever seen. But when a bank is robbed in Arizona Territory and a frantic mother has to embark on a desperate journey to save her son’s life, it’s Kate and J.D. who ride along to make sure everybody gets what’s coming to them for Christmas, whether it’s a hangman’s noose or hot lead! By horseback, stagecoach, and train, it’s up to the Blazes to deliver presents for one and all, and there’ll be outlaws and Apaches stirring before Christmas morning dawns.

BLAZE! THE CHRISTMAS JOURNEY is a Special Holiday Edition from series creator Stephen Mertz, full of action and humor and heartwarming plot twists. It’s Christmas in the Old West with the deadliest pair of gunfighters to ever hit the trail!


Peter Brandvold said...

Oh, this is the one he said he was writing in the smoking bowels of this past Arizona summer. Hah.

I've read several of these now and enjoyed every one. I keep seeing Dean Martin and Angie Dickinson. Guess I just betrayed my age.

I'll be getting this one for sure!

(James, is that you in the Santa suit?I remember you adorned one of your Earl Stark covers, so...)

Mean Pete

Anonymous said...

Looks Godawful.

Peter Collinson said...

Thanks for the piercing critical insight there, O brave Anonymous.
Really adds to the conversation.
Now maybe you should go find something you like somewhere and say something positive about it.