Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: 10 Story Western, July 1945

Now that's a cover! Two tough hombres riding the cowcatcher of a locomotive barreling down the tracks! From the looks of it, they're having a shootout with the bad guys, too. I've got to write a scene with a setup like this in it. What's inside this issue of 10 STORY WESTERN looks good, too, with stories by William Heuman, Frank Bonham, Tom W. Blackburn, Gunnison Steele, Giff Cheshire, Philip Ketchum, and Barry Gardner (actually Bennie Gardner, who was also Gunnison Steele).


Scott Parker said...

Ain't that the truth. One of the best covers you've posted.

Jim Griffin said...

Great cover, but I want to know how the one cowboy kept the hat on his head in all that wind.

Richard R. said...

There aren't enough cover with locomotives on 'em!