Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Speed Adventure Stories, January 1946

By this time in SPEED ADVENTURE's run, the publisher was calling itself Arrow Publications, but it still looks to me like good old Trojan Publications. The authors are still the usual suspects, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure I have a reprint of E. Hoffmann Price's "Guns for Sumatra" in some anthology or collection. I don't know anything about Felix Flammonde (sounds like a pseudonym to me), Randolph Barr is a house-name, and Clive Trent, Hugh Speer, and Lew Merrill were all Victor Rousseau (although Trent and Speer were used occasionally as house-names as well, so we can't be 100% sure). The stories may have been formulaic as all get-out, but I've still enjoyed everything I've read from the various Spicy/Speed pulps.


Stephen Mertz said...

Busy but interesting cover. Thanks for posting these, James. I look forward to 'em!

Richard R. said...

As do I.