Sunday, November 29, 2015

Now Available: The Last Martian Chronicles - John Hegenberger

From the cold, rocky surface of Mars to the vast reaches of deep space, from the dusty pages of the pulps to the cutting edge medical technology of the future, the stories in John Hegenberger’s THE LAST MARTIAN CHRONICLES span the frontiers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Unlikely friends try to survive the dangers of future war in “Keys to the Kingdom”. A bizarre fate befalls a famous author in the alternate history story “Howard’s Toe”. Sinister forces are on the prowl in “Dead Dames in Dayton”. Alien visitors come to Earth with surprising results in “Last Contact”. And two races face a poignant destiny in “The Last Martian”. These stories and others from popular author John Hegenberger are filled with imagination, ingenuity, and heart.


Deuce said...

Looks like a good collection. I need to check out some Hegenberger.

Speaking of Mars, this December 7th is Leigh Brackett's centennial. The occasion was totally ignored at this year's Hugos. Leigh deserves better than that.

James Reasoner said...

Brackett was a great writer. Unfortunately, her long and successful career really doesn't fit the current narrative of the Hugo Awards.

Deuce said...

You can say that again, Jim! Leigh is something of an "inconvenient truth" for the current gang running things over yonder. Oh well, it looks like there will be at least a couple of blogs remembering LB over the coming month.