Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday's Overlooked TV: Quick Draw McGraw

I mentioned El Kabong in a post the other day, that being a disguise used by cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw in fighting the bad guys. I don't know what made that show pop into my head, because I hadn't thought about it in decades. But obviously I haven't forgotten it. I was a fan when I was a kid, just like I was a fan of all the other Hanna-Barbera cartoons. This clip is just the opening, but there are a number of full episodes available on YouTube.


Bill Crider said...

"Queeks Draw!"

wayne d. dundee said...

"The high-falootinest ... fancy-shootinest ... "

Thanks, James, now that doggone tune will be rolling around inside my head (maybe even echoing a bit, since there's so much empty room in there) all day.

RJR said...

I LOVED El Kabong!!!!


westcrazed said...

BHannah Barbera went into TV at an opportune time, the 1950's. Radio drama was still going but in decline. A lot of fine actors who specialized in voice had extra time on their hands and were looking for more work. The cast of the Hannah Barbera shows from that era are a list of outstanding radio performers.
Jim Meals

Bradley Walker said...

Not just Hanna Barbera. Total Television did a show with the biggest radio stars of them all, Amos and Andy, only here it was Calvin and the Colonel.

Many people know that the Warner Brothers rooster, Foghorn Leghorn, is based on the Senator Claghorn character from the Fred Allen show. The voice of Senator Claghorn, Kenny Baker, did a similar character for TTV: The Mighty Hunter.