Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Ace G-Man Stories, Sept.-Oct., 1939

It's the Angry Redhead's granddaughter--and she's got a tommy gun! Watch out, boys! Seriously, if this cover also had an old-timer with a bloody bandage around his head, it would have shown up on one of the Western pulps. ACE G-MAN STORIES could be counted upon for exciting covers. Inside this issue there are only two authors with whom I'm familiar, Emile C. Tepperman (with a Suicide Squad story) and Wyatt Blassingame (with a story about a character called the Ghost). That's enough right there for me to say that this is probably a pretty good issue.


Tom Johnson said...

Great covers and great stories (IMHO). GX was a hobo spy, believe it or not (LOL). He even had a sidekick named Gimpy, if I remember the name correctly, another hobo. Of course, Gimpy didn't know his pal was GX the master spy. Gads, you had to love this stuff (LOL).

Walker Martin said...

At the Windy City Pulp convention I saw George Vanderburgh and noticed that all the Suicide Squad stories have been collected by Battered Silicon Dispatch Box. One or two enormous volumes.

Most of these covers were done by Raphael Desoto. I once asked him why he changed his style from the action filled, busy covers like this one, to the darker portraits of a man or a woman, etc.

I was expecting some complicated answer involving some nourish world view. He simple said, "The art editor told me do portraits".