Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Complete Stories, February 1936

That "They Pack a Punch!" line ran on all the covers of this pulp for several months in 1936, and this particular cover seems to be trying to exemplify that. Inside are stories by Donald Barr Chidsey, Allan Vaughn Elston, Richard Howells Watkins, and C.S. Montanye, among others. I'm not familiar with James Clarke, the author of the lead novel, but I love the title: "Boozehead".

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Walker Martin said...

I used to have an extensive run of COMPLETE STORIES but traded them off for a Baumhofer cover painting from DIME MYSTERY. The stories sounded great but every time I read one I was disappointed.

In 1936 the magazine must have been having circulation problems and it ceased publication the next year in 1937.