Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Complete Western Book Magazine, May 1952

As usual with a Norman Saunders painting, there's a lot going on in this cover from the May 1952 issue of COMPLETE WESTERN BOOK MAGAZINE, and it's really dynamic. Inside are stories by D.B. Newton, Paul Evan Lehman, Frank Castle, and Ray Townsend. A very entertaining issue, I suspect.


Shay said...

Did the artists do these covers from models, I wonder?

Walker Martin said...

Some artists did use models but many avoided the extra costs by using photographs or family members.

For instance I have several photos that Walter Baumhofer used for his art. Some were self portraits taken by the camera in various poses and others were of professional models posing for action scenes, etc. One was even of James Garner before he became an actor.

Norman Saunders used his wife as the model in many of his pulp covers. In fact, this WESTERN BOOK cover looks like he may have used his wife and also done a self portrait.

Nick Eggenhofer and other artists also used pictures of horses, stagecoaches, guns, etc, in order to get details right. Some even used the actual items and had collections of guns, hats, clothes.