Monday, May 26, 2014

Now Available from Rough Edges Press: Klaw #2 Town of Blood - W.L. Fieldhouse

When Klaw interrupted a lynching, he got more than he bargained for, finding himself involved in a deadly hunt for a fortune in buried gold, saddled with protecting a town where the citizens can't be trusted, and battling a gang of vicious outlaws led by Klaw's former commander in the Civil War who wants not only the gold but also the one-handed gunfighter's head! 

What John Klawson went through would have killed most men: beaten, shot, maimed by the loss of his gun hand. But this atrocity tempers Klawson's inner steel and turns him into one of the deadliest fighting machines the West has ever seen...the man known only as Klaw!

"Fieldhouse writes a gritty, violent, realistic action-western for those who are tired of the sanitized yarns of Louis L'Amour and who love stories about the Davids of the world taking on Goliath. A very entertaining and satisfying read!"--Peter Brandvold, author of STILLMAN'S WAR. 

“Western fiction has seen plenty of avenging protagonists over the years, hardened by savagery and betrayal, hell-bent on a course to settle the score with human scum undeserving of taking another breath. But few have ever been more embittered or relentless than Klaw … Replacing tortured flesh and bone with cold steel and determination, he turns the bloody remains of a body left for dead into a killing machine who can't be stopped … Bill Fieldhouse has created a memorable, uncompromising character with the grit, savvy, and willingness to go up against the toughest odds. Told in a no-frills, unflinching style, KLAW is an exciting Western adventure that will leave you clamoring for more.” – Wayne Dundee 

"All hail the long overdue return of a master of the action novel...No one does it like Fieldhouse”--Stephen Mertz

Available in e-book editions from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. The trade paperback edition should be available soon from Amazon.

UPDATE: The trade paperback edition is now available, too.

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