Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Now Available from Rough Edges Press: Palmetto Empire - David Hardy

Empires clash in the Florida swamps in 1816 as England, Spain, and the young United States vie for this rich territory at the southern end of the continent. The native Seminole people make this a four-cornered war as they struggle to claim this land as their home. Caught in the middle of this bloody conflict is frontiersman Pete Privett, who tangles with a beautiful spy, deadly outlaws and pirates, and a ruthless British renegade jockeying to set himself up as the ruler of his own private empire in the swamps!

David Hardy's PALMETTO EMPIRE is a classic historical adventure novel set during the First Seminole War, packed with color, action, violence, and romance. Sweeping the reader into another time and place, it tells a compelling tale filled with realistic, intriguing characters and vividly captures a little-known but vital turning point in the history of the American nation.

I'm proud to announce that Rough Edges Press has published its first original novel, PALMETTO EMPIRE by my friend and fellow Robert E. Howard fan David Hardy. This is a top-notch historical adventure yarn, very much in the tradition of the sort of story that could have been published in, say, TOP-NOTCH or ADVENTURE, for those of you who are pulp fans. I was also reminded of the work of Frank Yerby and other authors in that vein. If you're looking for a well-written, exciting tale, check it out!

PALMETTO EMPIRE is available in e-book and trade paperback editions from Amazon, as well as in e-book editions available from Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Tres Cool! Congrats to all. This looks great.