Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Writing Update, 2/26

No pages today. We ran errands part of the day (and talked about plots for future books while we were at it, which sort of counts as work) and I've spent the afternoon editing a book by a friend of mine. I need these change-of-pace days after writing so much in the past week. Tomorrow I'll be back at it, although I think I'll probably write outlines rather than starting the next book. (That'll be the day after tomorrow.)


Laurent said...

James, I was interested to see you use outlines. I'd like to know more about how you use them. Do you do this systematically? How detailed are they?

James Reasoner said...

I talk a little about outlines in today's update. My outlines are usually just broad strokes, like a two or three page synopsis. Sometimes longer and more detailed, but never exactly rigorous. I've written some books with no outline, but I can't do that anymore. I have to have some sort of structure worked out, even if I deviate from it in the writing.