Monday, February 11, 2013

Lola: Locked & Loaded - Peter Brandvold

"Lola: Locked & Loaded" is the latest short story offering from Peter Brandvold, ol' Mean Pete his own self. It ties in with his Rogue Lawman series and serves as an origin story of sorts for the character Saradee Jones, who plays an important role in that series. So if you're a fan of Gideon Hawk, the Rogue Lawman, you definitely need to read this story.

However, it serves perfectly fine as a stand-alone yarn, too, a classic revenge tale as the 19-year-old daughter of a murdered sheriff sets out to bring her father's killers to justice. As always in a Brandvold story, there's plenty of gritty action and vivid writing, and he throws in a nice twist in the plot as well. I enjoyed it a lot and give it a high recommendation.

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RJR said...

Wow. That's the same exact photo that's on all of my Angel Eyes ebooks.