Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Dime Western, May 15, 1935

This issue of one of the leading Western pulps features a good cover by Walter Baumhofer and a great line-up of authors: T.T. Flynn, Walt Coburn, Ray Nafziger, Cliff Farrell, Robert G. Pearsol, Art Lawson, and Bart Cassidy. And this was just an average issue of DIME WESTERN! That would be an all-star issue of most pulps. Some people claim that everything worth reprinting from the pulps has already been reprinted. I don't believe that for a second.


Walker Martin said...

One of the reasons I still collect the pulps is because there is still good quality fiction buried in the back issues. That is also why we are now living in the golden age of pulp reprints.

Anonymous said...

"Some people claim that everything worth reprinting from the pulps has already been reprinted. I don't believe that for a second."

Geez, me either. What, we just got six volumes of Frederick Nebel stories drawn from Dime Detective and Black Mask, the vast majority of which had never been reprinted before. And those are some of the best hardboiled detective short stories of all time.
There's still plenty of gold trapped in the crumbling pages of the pulps.

I love Dime Western, if not quite as much as I love Dime Detective. And I admit I'm fond of Dime Mystery, too.
The weak link in my knowledge here is Dime Adventure. I don't know anyone who collects it and have actually seen relatively few issues on sale. I imagine that it must have been edited to the same sort of standards as Dime Detective and Western, so I wonder what treasures might be hiding in back issues of that particular pulp.
Anyone know much about the quality of Dime Adventure? (I look around for Walker Martin...)

Jonathan G. Jensen said...

I'm with you on Dime Adventure, I don't see many issues of it, I think that somebody at the Windy show a few years ago had them. Out of my price range. Would love to find them out in the real word, but must be scarce. On the other hand Dime Western shows up pretty frequently as does anything ( excepting Adventure ) from Popular Pubs. they must have got great distribution.

James is right Dime Western is an excellent read. Jonathan

Walker Martin said...

DIME ADVENTURE only lasted 6 issues in 1935-1936 so that's why we don't see many issues. I used to have them all but they did not compare favorably with ADVENTURE which Popular Publications was also publishing at the time. ADVENTURE of course got first look at all the submissions.

Anonymous said...

Walker, I knew you'd come through.
I understood Dime Adventure had a truncated run, but had no idea it was limited to six issues. Seems odd it fell so short compared to the other Dime titles.


Todd Mason said...

Well...consider what DIME MYSTERY was at its beginning...but I know others are fonder of shudder pulp than I am.

Duane Spurlock said...

Great cover. Nice line up of authors. Robert Weinberg (I think) did an instant remainder anthology of Dime Detective stories several years back. Would be nice to see a collection of Dime Western stories.

LM27 said...

Hello all!

I have been doing some research and trying to get my hands on some of these copies (if possible). If not the actual copy then I would be so happy to at least have a few pages scanned. Ray Nafziger (one of the authors) is my great grandfather. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the magazines a short story was published in. If anyway has any suggestions as to how or where I would have the best luck finding these I would be so grateful! Thank you!