Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Fifteen Western Tales, July 1943

As always with a Popular Publications Western pulp, there's a good line-up of authors in this issue: Les Savage Jr., William Heuman, Tom W. Blackburn, Philip Ketchum, Chuck Martin, Rod Patterson, and others. Popular put out consistently good pulps.

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Walker Martin said...

Though Popular Publications loved to use the word DIME in their pulp titles, they liked to use the word FIFTEEN even more. In addition to Fifteen Western Tales, they also had Fifteen Detective Stories, Fifteen Love Stories, 15 Mystery Stories, Fifteen Range Romances, Fifteen Sport Stories, and 15 Story Detective.

One interesting thing about Fifteen Western Tales, in an attempt to revive the title they switched to the large bedsheet format in August 1955. After 3 such issues they gave up and the magazine died after lasting 115 issues, 1942-1955.