Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Sinister Stories, May 1940

Not exactly subtle, is it? But there are some excellent authors in this issue, including Hugh B. Cave, David Goodis, and Russell Gray, who was really Bruno Fischer. There were only three issues of SINISTER STORIES, an indication that by 1940 the Weird Menace genre was on its last legs.

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Todd Mason said...

No great loss, that last, even though it did help good writers eat through writing some of their worst work. And, of course, shudder continued, or broke out again, in men's sweat magazines and the neo-shudder that was WEB TERROR TALES and its even more porny children. Oddly enough, it even continued as a component in S&S DETECTIVE STORY MAGAZINE, where Daisy Bacon was kind and eclectic enough to continue running the stories of John H. Knox.