Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: 3-Book Western, May 1957

Another short-lived Western pulp, this one didn't die for lack of quality contents. The May 1957 issue of 3-BOOK WESTERN has only three novellas in it, but they're by H.A. DeRosso, L.L. Foreman, and Gardner Fox. Those are three pretty good authors. I'd have read this one, that's for sure.

UPDATE: According to Randy Vanderbeek, who owns both issues of 3-BOOK WESTERN, they're both digest magazines, not pulps. So we'll call this one of my occasional stretches, justified by the fact that DeRosso, Foreman, and Fox all wrote extensively for the pulps. 


Walker Martin said...

This title has an interesting history. It only lasted two issues in 1957 with the first issue being digest size and then this second issue was in the standard pulp format. It's listed on Galactic Central but the other pulp indexes do not mention the title.

Anonymous said...

Between the strong line-up of suthors and that striking, dusty cover art, you'd think this mag would have sold enough copies to survive. Must have been tough to gain footing against all those western paperbacks on the stands.

A western by Gardner Fox? I've read a lot of Fox-- sword & sorcery, superheroes, historical adventure, spy fiction, soft core sleaze, and some truly wonderful space opera, but never a western. I bet this tale was pretty good.
Anybody out there ever read a Fox Western?

John Hocking

Walker Martin said...

Randy has both issues and they are in digest form which just goes to prove once again that even The Fiction Mags Index website can be incorrect. They list one issue as digest and one issue as standard pulp size.