Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Traditional December 27th Post

If you're new to the blog, you don't know that December 27th is the anniversary of my first fiction sale, which I made 36 years ago in 1976. Feels longer ago than that, to tell you the truth. I've written a number of posts about those days, including this one, the first on the subject. And for those of you who commented on that post back in 2004, thanks for sticking around.

So, 36 years and approximately 20 million words of published fiction later, I'm still having fun. And I still like opening envelopes that have checks in them. Many thanks to those of you who help make it possible. You know who you are.


Hank Brown said...

Happy anniversary, James! Yeah--that was pretty good money for back then.

ChuckTyrell said...

Interesting, James. I sold my first magazine article in 1976. The magazine was Dog Fancy. The article was about the director of the Honolulu zoo, who bred back the Hawaiian Poi dog. But I don't have 20 million words under my belt. Several million, mostly non-fiction, but nowhere near 20. Congratulations. Writing is a great way to live.


Jerry House said...

Given enough time, anyone can write 20 million words, James, but you make them all so damned readable. Congratulations, and keep 'em coming!

Keith said...

Here's looking forward to another 36 years. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite part of the story is Meanwhile my first story was published, and for some reason the editors at INTIMATE STORY changed the title to “Forced to Listen to My Boss’s Dirty Phone Calls” and totally blew my twist ending.

Keep on trucking.

Jeff M.