Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Argosy, December 25, 1937

Here's another Christmas cover, this one from the great pulp ARGOSY. I used to have this issue and read it a number of years ago. A great bunch of writers in this issue, including Lester Dent, T.T. Flynn, Eustace L. Adams, Frank Richardson Pierce, and Karl Detzer. This would have been a nice present under my Christmas tree if I'd been around in 1937.


Walker Martin said...

I looked at my copy and am pleased to report that it looks almost like it just came off the newstand. The blurb for the story, "Christmas on the Trail", says "Like every Christmas story, this is a sentimental one..."

That's certainly what I've discovered during my reading of holiday stories. As usual I've read several this year from the pulps and they all made me feel good and more cheerful. I'll have to read this story which stars the series character, No-Shirt McGee.

Shay said...

This is available online at

Of course, now I'll have to read it, if only to see why that redhead on the cover is having so much fun.

Walker Martin said...

I had the same reaction to the redhead and I'm reading the story tonight to see if she is in it.

Of course the reality was far different. Women were seldom "on the trail" and if they were, they sure did not look like this beauty!

Shay said...

Well...there are exceptions.