Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Fight Card: Irish Dukes - Jack Tunney (Mike Faricy)

Dublin, Ireland 1951

After winning his latest bout in Berlin, US Army boxing champ Sergeant Kevin Crowley is on military leave in Ireland. Raised in St. Vincent's Asylum For Boys in Chicago, he has finally returned to the place of his birth, where he is sure he will find the family he never knew and lay claim to his dream of a royal fortune.

What Crowley actually finds is the fight of his life... A near destitute grandmother, crippling debt left by a father he never knew, a feisty redhead with hatred in her heart, a villainous landlord and his gang who'll stop at nothing to settle a score going back a generation...

Kevin Crowley has never backed down in the ring or out... The treasures and truth awaiting him in Dublin are not what he first imagined. But with his past, his family, and his future at stake, Crowley will put up his dukes and fight like never before...

Like GOLDEN GATE GLOVES, this Fight Card entry is a nice change of pace due to a different setting. Author Mike Faricy does a great job with his vivid portrait of Dublin and creates a fine, likable protagonist in Kevin Crowley. The other characters are all well-written, too. As usual with the Fight Card series, IRISH DUKES is a fast-moving, entertaining yarn.

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