Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Foreign Legion Adventures, August 1940

I've mentioned before that Foreign Legion stories were popular in various pulp magazines, but I didn't realize there was an entire magazine devoted to them until I came across this title while browsing through the Fictionmags Index. It's a reprint magazine, with stories coming from assorted issues of ARGOSY, but reprint or not that's a fine group of writers: F. Van Wyck Mason, Theodore Roscoe, J.D. Newsom (all well-known for their Legion stories) and all-around top pulpster Richard Wormser. Well worth reading, I'll bet.


Beb said...

There were just two issues of Foreign Legion Adventures. Aug and Oct, 1940. At that time the Munsey Company was spewing out titles like a gutted squid, trying to shore up the flood of red ink from Argosy. The only successful reprint title was Famous Fantastic Mysteries. I kind of think Legionnaire tales were out of date by 1940 but who knows. There has been strong interest in Legionnaire stories among pulp fans from the earliest days of reprinting.

Dave Hardy said...

Top Notch ran a few FFL-themed stories by Bob Du Soe back in the Thirties.