Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Wild West Weekly, April 8, 1939

Here's a pulp with a simple but very effective cover. I'm really fond of WILD WEST WEEKLY and have enjoyed every issue of it that I've read. I don't have this one, but it has a fine line-up of stories and authors: a Kid Wolf yarn by Ward M. Stevens (Paul S. Powers), along with other stories by Walker A. Tompkins, C. William Harrison, Ralph Yergen, and Ralph Thurman.


Walker Martin said...

Good news for WILD WEST WEEKLY fans. The upcoming Fall 2012 issue of BLOOD n THUNDER magazine(issue #35), will have a long article about the working relationship between editor Ronald Oliphant and his main author, Paul Powers. The article relies heavily on correspondence from Oliphant to Powers and provides an inside look as to the workings of the magazine.

Another excellent, must read article in in THE PULP WESTERN by John A. Dinan. It's a long piece by Redd Boggs and is titled, "I Remember Wild West Weekly".

Laurie Powers said...

Woo hoo! Thanks James for picking this one. I think I have this issue and I'd be happy to lend it to you if you like.

James Reasoner said...

THE PULP WESTERN is an excellent book, and Redd Boggs' WWW essay is what got me interested in it in the first place.

Many thanks for the offer! I will be in touch. I'd love to read the issue and do a more detailed write-up about it.

Walker Martin said...

By the way, seeing Laurie Powers post above reminds me that it is thanks to her that we have the correspondenc beween WWW editor Ronald Oliphant and her grandfather, Paul Powers. Many grandaughters would have glanced at the letters and then chucked them into the garbage. Not Laurie, no sir!

Shay said...

For those of use who can't get our hands on the originals, has five issues online, complete.

Caveat lector; the page is coded in such a way that you can only download one page at a time.

(my authentication word is "dingded" which sounds like a Gabby Hayes cussword).