Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cop Out

COP OUT is the sort of violent, foul-mouthed, buddy cop action-comedy that Bruce Willis can do in his sleep. That said, this movie has some pretty funny lines and it’s interesting the way the script weaves several different plotlines together. I also like the fact that the MacGuffin driving much of the plot is a valuable baseball card. Willis is okay; I tend to like him in just about anything. Tracey Morgan, who plays his partner, is something of an acquired taste, I guess, one that I haven’t fully acquired yet. But I really liked Seann William Scott (also an acquired taste) as a goofy burgler. You wouldn’t expect him to play a non-goofy character, would you? All in all, COP OUT is pretty good, nothing special but an enjoyable enough way to spend a couple of hours.

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Ron Scheer said...

I probably won't see this film. I almost never feel drawn to a movie set in the present that features firearms in the ads or on the DVD covers.

On the other hand, Bruce Willis rarely fails to entertain me. He brings a what-the-hell attitude to a performance and takes risks that would make another actor look foolish. The only guy better at that is Christopher Walken.