Saturday, August 06, 2022

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Star Western, February 1942

What a great cover on this issue of STAR WESTERN! I don't know the artist, but he did a fine job. Not only do I want to read a story with that scene in it, I want to write one. Maybe I will. Meanwhile, the lineup of authors in this issue is very good, too: Harry F. Olmsted, Tom Roan, Stone Cody (Thomas Mount), W. Ryerson Johnson (with a Len Siringo story), William R. Cox, and John G. Pearsol. That's a really solid bunch of Western pulpsters.


Unknown said...

James please write a novel about the train. This could be a great idea for a series

Walker Martin said...

This cover is by Desoto and I have a recreation of the cover which he painted sometime in the 1980's. He made some changes in the cover painting when he repainted it and I wish he had just recreated it like he did the two Spider cover paintings I also have.